IT Services

PiBlu provides a fully comprehensive offering of all major and minor IT services that a business could require. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.

Full IT Support (Helpdesk)

PiBlu provides a single-point system covering all of your IT requirements.

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Disaster Recovery

PiBlu’s disaster recovery plan can be completely tailored toward your business recovery.

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Domains & Hosting

PiBlu provides the latest fully hosting technology that guarantees the speedy recovery.

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Cloud Computing

PiBlu provides access to your business data from anywhere in the world

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Network Management & Installation

Our specialist team will design, build and install physical and virtual networks

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IT Hardware

PiBlu provides all aspects of hardware required for a business.

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IT Consultancy

The skilled and expert team at PiBlu work closely with clients on everything.

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Business Internet

PiBlu offers a wide range of wireless and leased-line access products to ensure all clients have the bandwidth, flexibility and resilience at a cost-effective price.

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Business Mobile Phones

PiBlu offers many advantages over traditional carriers or direct networks by working with the leading networks to deliver the best plans

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Lines & Calls

PiBlu provides the most competitive business call tariffs to destinations all over the world, enabling your business to cut costs on calls without compromising on communication quality.

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VoIP Telephone Systems

PiBlu provides single, convenient, cost-effective and fully scalable packages to move your communications to the cloud simply and quickly without costing a fortune.

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Laptops & Tablets

With technology advancing at a swift pace, consulting with PiBlu will find you the very best laptop and tablet technology as a part of our service.

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Device Insurance

PiBlu offers unbeatable insurance for phones, tablets and other devices all in one package to cover all of your business demands and structure.

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Other Services

Carbon Offsetting

The team at PiBlu can help to ease your carbon footprint through a number of processes involved in offsetting your business’s carbon emissions.

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Music on Hold

Making your company sound great to anyone contacting you is typically the first impression.

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Business Energy

You are potentially spending up to 70% more than you should spend on energy for your business

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