O2 Announces Plans to Close Down the 3G Network.

O2 will be switching off 3G services in 2025 as part of a customer enhancement programme.

The news that O2 will be switching of their 3G services follows an agreement that was made in 2021 with the Government and other mobile network operators that 3G would be switched off in the UK by 2033 at the latest. This industry-wide switch off programme will enable them to focus on upgrading to faster, energy-efficient, and more reliable 4G and 5G networks that will improve services.

Why is O2 switching off 3G?

With the 3G network carrying less and less traffic, 3G has been suspended by 4G and 5G networks over recent years. By focusing investment on their 4G and 5G networks, O2 will be able to further expand and upgrade services, so you can benefit from faster download speeds and higher quality voice calls.

While 3G accounts for less than 4% of data used on the O2 network, it accounts for 11% of their total energy consumption. 4G and 5G, which account for 96% of mobile network data traffic, are 10 times more efficient.

Other UK operators have also announced plans to switch off 3G and some have already started their 3G switch off programmes.

When do the changes take effect?

Nothing will change right now as the 3G switch off won’t begin until 2025. Further communication will be published closer to the switch off date, providing you with more information and any actions that will need to be undertaken.

There are also no immediate plans to switch off 2G. In the longer term, all mobile network operators have agreed with the UK Government to switch off 2G by 2033.

We will endeavour to keep our customers informed of any future updates regarding O2’s 3G Switch Off.

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