The Future of Smartphones – The Devices Standing Out in 2024

Shiny, dynamic, luxurious, and lightning fast, we just love to unbox and try out the latest smartphones.

Whether your phone has slowly started to fail, you’re intrigued by the latest AI technology, or you just need to have the latest release, when it comes to investing in a new, eye-catching smartphone it is not always easy to narrow down the best phone to suit your needs.

Let’s face it, there are so many exciting options available right now. Whether you’re looking for a phone that is extremely affordable or to try a new foldable for the first time, you can’t go wrong with the current smartphone offerings from leading brands.

In this article we decided to dive into some of the best devices currently available or coming soon, to help you choose the right smartphone for you!

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (The Best of Samsung) – 6.8-inch screen

The Ultra is one of the best smartphones out there. If you’re a fan of the Android ecosystem, then you won’t be disappointed with the market-leading cameras and phenomenal performance on this phone. The Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts wireless charging, water resistance and a stylus.

Samsung Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra (Latest Releases)

Samsung has released some of the most popular devices on the market and the latest S24 range doesn’t disappoint.

The Galaxy S24 range was revealed on 17th January at Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event. The event showcased the introduction of a suite of AI-powered features, including generative AI tools. The range was subsequently released on 31st January 2024 and all devices are now available to buy.

The devices have minor styling tweaks compared to previous offerings and reuse the same camera hardware. They have bigger batteries and brighter displays. The larger of the phones also gets a higher screen resolution and faster wired charging.

The S24 Ultra is a stunning device with titanium frame and Corning Gorilla Armor glass, making it super tough and also luxurious at the same time. AI appears in multiple apps, which is especially useful for generative photo edits.

Apple iPhone 16 (Future Phone)

It is what the Apple fans have been waiting for, but sadly we will have to wait a little longer for the iPhone 16 line-up, details of which are not due to be released until around September. There is limited information at this time, but we do know that Apple will be going all out on the AI front. Until then, the fantastic iPhone 15 is available.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro (Best All-Round) – 6.1-inch screen

The iPhone 15 Pro is one of the best all-round phones on the market right now. It does come with the Apple price tag but it’s outstanding performance, excellent cameras and compact beautiful titanium design are hard to beat. It is also equipped with a USB-C port for faster data transfer.

Google Pixel 8 Pro (The Best Pixel) – 6.7-inch screen

The best Pixel phone yet! The camera upgrades are seriously impressive and the AI-focused Tensor G3 chipset delivers an AI-focused user experience that you won’t get from any other phone (except the Galaxy S24). The Pixel 8 Pro will last longer than other Android phones and keep receiving updates until 2030. Wow!

The phone’s call screening feature gives you a quick, written transcript of what your caller wants before you decide to answer. Now that is impressive!

Google Pixel 7a – (Most Affordable) – 6.3-inch screen

An impressive smartphone with an affordable price tag. The predecessor to the latest Pixel but fantastic if you want an eye-catching budget phone.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best phone right now, then you can’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (best Android on the market) or Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (most powerful). The iPhone 15 Pro is the best all-rounder if you’re trying to avoid the most expensive option and if photography is your priority, then the Google Pixel 8 Pro stands out from the crowd.

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